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Editing & Revising Service

Many members of our staff are editors, and Jocelyn is currently offering copyediting services to those who are interested.

If you are interested in having your novel, short story, nonfiction or poetry edited, please fill out the contact form below or email me at writethroughthenight @ gmail . com (no spaces).


If you are under financial hardship or a student and cannot afford these rates, please reach out to me via email and we can discuss other options! Publishing is already inaccessible enough and I don’t want to add to that.

Basic ($40/75k words)

  • Two page written critique of your work including character development, plot holes, and pacing
  • Ability to customize critique so you receive feedback on the areas you think need it the most
  • Option for 2 text or Facetime consultations: One before the critique begins, and the second after I have finished reading
  • All of the above!
  • A line-edited copy of your manuscript
  • In-text suggestions for improvements
  • Option for a second pass Deluxe reading at Basic level rates

Supreme ($100/75k words)

  • All of the above!
  • Live time editing on Google Docs that allows for author feedback
  • Option for second pass Deluxe reading at Basic level rates or a second pass Supreme reading for 50% off

Past Clients


Katerina Baker

  • The Corner Office– A 180 page office romance published in June 2017 by Createspace

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Erin MacLeod

  • Haven (currently unpublished)- A 200 page fantasy story about a future America where a magical race known as “Fae” exist.  Erin is currently still going through revisions and working to get her story published.  When it’s actually published, I expect it to be fantastic because this was amazing.

Enid Blyton

  • Prom Date– A short story about a boy who makes a wish at a magic shop for a perfect prom date, but ends up getting something different than he asked for.



  • The Greatest Love- A poem about what love truly is, and how perspective can change over time.


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