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This week, the theme is “Book Trends You’re Tired Of”, in other words, what do you hate about publishing that’s currently super common.  Honestly, at first I was a little confused/not sure of anything that I could do to fit this category, but after just a few minutes, it hit me that there are A WHOLE LOT of trends that I’m starting to despise.  So, without further adoe, to the list!

1. “Girl”

Everyone who writes any sort of book, especially psycho thrillers, loves to stick the word girl in the title.  It doesn’t matter why or how much the girl relates to the book, or even if she is a girl (as opposed to a woman).  It’s becoming annoyingly common because when someone mentions a book with “Girl” in the title, I assume I read it when, in all likelihood, I did not.  The even worse part is that I enjoy the vast majority of these books, so I have a whole shelf of “Girl” books.  Please, please, get more creative for 2017.

2. Cliche Romances Filling YA Novels

I can’t stand that whenever I pick up a YA book, I can almost always guess exactly who the girl is going to end up with in the first 3 chapters.  It’s even worse that I know that she’s going to end up with someone.  Maybe, for once, someone should write a book where the girl is forever alone, or at least doesn’t center her life around a guy and enter some sort of crazy love triangle with a predictable ending.

3. Judging Diversity

Yeah, diversity should be present in novels, and I’ve taken to including it in some of my reviews, so that people who are on the lookout for their own representation can find it.  But, my complaint here lies not in the books themselves but within the bookish community.  I think we are judging fiction that does not contain this, or perhaps contains a less-than-stellar representation of a diverse character, too harshly.  Although we should be looking for diverse books, we should not shun other authors because they do not fit these standards.

4. Fantasy and Real Life being Separate

Too often, when we write fantasy books, it’s completely separated from reality.  Fantastical books are lighthearted, fun reads, and never touch on issues which society is having at the moment.  I would love to see important issues be incorporated into fantasy/dystopian novels, because I think that would cause way more people to realize exactly what is happening here on present day Earth.

5. Bad Parents

This has become a bit of a joke in YA lit, but it’s true in adult fiction as well.  The parents, even when they’re present, are typically terrible things which the (adult) children just want to get rid of.  What’s wrong with having an incredibly supportive, fabulous parent whom you go to for advice and love endlessly?  The bad parent thing is getting pretty old, I just want to see some other types of relationships mixed in.

That’s all for today!! It was shocking realizing how many things about books bother me.  Hopefully that’s true for everyone and it’s not just me being exceptionally judgy for no reason 😉

What themes in books are you tired of?  Do you consider any of the themes I talked about to be good/exciting?  Tell me!  Press that little comment button below!

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