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When we think about piano music, we tend to associate it with classical, historically renowned composers such as Beethoven or Liszt. These virtuosos found a way to leave an indelible mark in music history for very good reasons, and no one challenges that. Their music pieces still delight millions of listeners no matter their age or location. And that’s simply undeniable.

The only problem is that we cannot listen to the same music for centuries. It’s important to discover and give a chance to modern artists too, so we can expand our playlists and music collections. For some, the past was always better, and we can’t ignore the fact that classical piano pieces are breathtakingly beautiful. But the good thing is modern piano composers are good too and have created music that will inspire you or help you focus.

Even if this type of music isn’t the most popular out there these days, the composers you’ll find in this list managed to receive the recognition they actually deserve, not only because of their creative abilities, but also their performing skills, which stir tons of emotions to listeners and music lovers all around the world. You can expect a journey full of cinematic vibes and different nuances.

Ludovico Einaudi

He was probably one of the most famous piano composers of this century. Einaudi’s style was simple, elegant and sensitive. He didn’t need to create incredibly complex and mathematical compositions to move his listeners. In fact, that’s one of the things that make his music memorable, because he knew exactly how to manage and distribute all the elements in his compositions in order to touch your heart.

Among his most popular pieces you can find tracks such as Nuvole Bianche, which you probably already know because it has been featured in a lot of audiovisual content. Other compositions that people love include Oltremare, Experience and The Water Diviner.

Nico Cartosio

If you’re looking for something awe-inspiring, you will fall in love with Nico Cartosio’s neo-romantic style. His music sounds delicate, solemn and well thought-out, and it is clearly made for those who really listen. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy Nico’s piano pieces. Anyone, regardless of their knowledge in music, can enjoy this music. Just immerse yourself in the atmosphere and fantasies that Nico Cartosio creates for his listeners.

Melting, Girl on an Iceberg and Kensico are some of his best tracks. Just like Ludovico Einaudi’s music, the sound of Nico Cartosio is very cinematic and ethereal.

Yann Tiersen

You may associate Yann Tiersen with the Amélie soundtrack, but this French composer has released tons of music since then, and has experimented with different sounds and textures for a more contemporary approach. Even if Tiersen is a renowned composer, some of his latest works haven’t received the recognition he’s used to, but that doesn’t mean that his newest music is not good.

Poull Bojer is one of his newest compositions and has a hypnotic and textured sound that you’ll fall in love with. You may also like songs such as Tempelhof or Ker Yegu.

Giovanni Allevi

He’s one of the most popular Italian pianists out there. Allevi is a dazzlingly skilled composer and performer. Combining modern and classical sounds, he has a very personal style, which leaves his imprint in the contemporary piano music scene. Our future, one of his most recent works, has a nostalgic and hypnotic vibe that’s difficult to ignore and it’s definitely an instant favorite. This is definitely an artist you should listen to this year.


South Korean composer Yiruma is well known for the sweet melodies he has composed throughout his whole career as a musician, and many of his piano pieces have become viral on YouTube. Simplicity and minimalism are part of his personal seal and that’s good for those who want to learn to play this instrument. Sometimes musical creativity implies that you have to create simple things that still convey emotions, and that can be an actual challenge.

However, some Yiruma tracks are a little bit overplayed, and that can annoy some people. But you can still find gems like Love or Letter in case you’re tired of listening to River Flows in You everywhere you go.

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