When I restarted my blog, I said that I wanted to add other writers so that WTTN could become more of an online publication and less of my personal blog. Before I started recruiting writers, I wanted to make sure that this website was in 100% condition. It wasn’t until last month that I put out a call for contributing writers.

That got the ball rolling, and you may have seen the first post not by me published a couple of weeks ago. I also spoke to some people that I am currently working with at Levatio Literary Magazine about coming onto the team to write on a more regular basis. You’re going to meet the first of those people today!

If you’re reading this and wishing you could join as well: good news! We are still looking for a couple more writers to join the team, and we’re always open for pitches and individual submissions. Read our guidelines and then submit!


Chinwe is a student based in the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. Although, she is originally from Nnewi, Nigeria. She has been writing for as long as she can remember. She started out writing fiction, then moved to poetry and eventually articles. She has been published previously three times, by three different magazines and won her County’s Annual “Honoring Our Hero’s” writing contest back in 2017. She has been involved in writer workshops with The University of Iowa, and famous poet Jose Olivarez. She is also a fiction proof reader for the Levatio Magazine. Her previous and upcoming work can be found in The Ice Lolly Review, Rhodora Magazine, Levatio Magazine, and We Write Here.

Outside of writing, she is heavily involved in her local theatre community. Being a part of upcoming productions Beauty and The Beast, and Into the Woods. She also runs Varsity Track and Field and is a TV show/movie enthusiast. Some of her favorite movies and shows include The Florida Project, Moonlight, Shameless, and Succession.

Being from Nigeria, she hopes to share an unseen perspective of blackness and black culture to readers. As well as record on urgent issues going on in all parts of the world, specifically pertaining to human rights. She also plans to occasionally give her opinions on new or trending pieces of media that interest her.